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Bad Description

No Funktion in Germany :-(

Doesnt work !

Despite the claim that this app contains the data for ALL of the U.S. and Canada, it simply doesnt work and will not locate ANY of the numbers (my own, my friends, my office - none of which are unlisted, all of which have been in use for several years).

Not Working

Is this a real app or one of those joke apps? no Matter what phone number I input it takes me to the same location on the map I entered 14 different numbers surprise surpize same outcome

Not accurate

I will not recommend this app. Cannot find the number i am trying to searched... I am disappointed.

Not worth the dollar

The information offered could be found on a google search.

Number Locator

Very bad soft, there is nothing really to pay for...

Complete waste of money!!!!

Could not even find my neighbors phone! Waste

App does NOT work

I bought this app this morning and immediately tested about 8 cell numbers of my family and friends. Before entering these numbers, i already knew where these people were. The app ran the search for each number very quick but the results were at least 20-30 miles off. On some of the searches, the search returned the same results for two different cell numbers that were not even close to each other. They need to fix this app! Until then, do NOT waste your money.

Does what it says

If it could tell you the callers name I would have given it five stars.


I bought the app this morning. I tested out numbers in USA and Canada- both completely spot on accurate! I will never have to wonder where this random numbers calling me are located ever again!!! SO worth my money!! Thank you!!!! :)


Its ok.

Fantastic !

I love this app, it works great ! If you could work it out to make it happen worldwide?...(or at least Europe and Mexico) ...uff ! a million stars !


This app is a total rip off could of better ate a hamburger for 99 cents ..,.. I want my money back !!!!

Number locator

Not what I was hoping for. At least its only 99 cents. Nice maps....thats about it.


Do not waste 99 cents on this piece of crap. It does not work.

Lots of Info.

I was surprise on the amount of info that was provided by this app. So I can recommend this app. It is worth a buck. Now you stated that you would take user suggestions. Can you add MagicJack numbers look-up? Maybe, somehow by IP. Address. If so, this would open up a whole new area, like skippy and others such apps... Good work so far guys, looking forward to your next update...

Not what I wanted

If it gave names it would be nice. The locations are miles off. All you need is the address not a map.

Its ehh...

It got a business lookup correct but my personal number way wrong. Well, it put me in the right state, wrong everything else. So its ehh.

Not so good

I tried all types of phone numbers and every time it would show incorrect info not recommended to purchase


Terrible app.. Words can NOT describe how fn bad and inaccurate it is... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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